Horsing Around.



Sensual Eastern European beauty Alicja wears an aggressively festive Christmas jumper in this shocking horse-and-reveal. Who would have thought that behind such a hideous equestrian mask would be a face that could unknit a million jumpers with a single look? Not us. Wherever Alicja is going on this train ride to surrealism, we hope she continues to look as Christmassy as she does. Well done.


Festive Season Barbi.


This is Barbi. She looks terrified. She’s also a children’s book designer, has a rabbit called Dot, likes pigeons (?) and something called “Slash” (???). Oh, she also wears amazing Christmas jumpers around the office to the envy of all her children’s book designing colleagues. They’re so envious, in fact, that they’re writing a book called Finding Knit. In it, Lil’ Tommy Knit loses Papa Knit in a biiiig department store. He then has to go on an adventure to find him with the help of his new friends, Bo Tai, Joe K’Strap and Meg Ligee. Jeez, maybe we should do children’s books!?

Nostalgic Knit.


Decades ago, our little Brodie was born. And then on his second birthday, he put on this AMAZING Danish jumper and blew out some candles on a cake that was sitting on an AMAZING plastic table cover. Just check out those jazzy geometric shapes; they scream “you can spill milk on me and I’ll be cool with it.” Clearly, Brodie’s parents had immaculate taste when it came to knits and table covers. We just hope they passed it down to Brodie. 

Proud Mary.


How cute?! A chic grey knitted jumper!!! The baby’s alright too. ONLY JOKING. Mary is the sweetest thing… a kid in a knit? Two worlds of cuteness colliding. The only thing that could make this photo cuter was if there were some otters holdings hands in the background. Maybe next time.