Horsing Around.



Sensual Eastern European beauty Alicja wears an aggressively festive Christmas jumper in this shocking horse-and-reveal. Who would have thought that behind such a hideous equestrian mask would be a face that could unknit a million jumpers with a single look? Not us. Wherever Alicja is going on this train ride to surrealism, we hope she continues to look as Christmassy as she does. Well done.


Norway: A Country Defined.


Could anything be more Norwegian? There’s two knits on show in this snapshot of Bøgrend Autofest, allegedly the “best festival in Norway.” The debonair boy in turquoise hat is wearing a setesdalskufte” (bless you). On his right, Scandi Knits regular Åsne is wearing a trendy, retro woolen sweater from… Åsnes. (Get it? Åsne’s jumper is from Åsnes? HAHAHAHA.)