A Man About Town.


Subject? Randolph.

Jumper? Traditional Icelandic wool knit sweater.

Where? Friday morning coffee club, Perez, Tromsø, Norway.

Levels of sexiness? We’re sweatin’. 


Norway: A Country Defined.


Could anything be more Norwegian? There’s two knits on show in this snapshot of Bøgrend Autofest, allegedly the “best festival in Norway.” The debonair boy in turquoise hat is wearing a setesdalskufte” (bless you). On his right, Scandi Knits regular Åsne is wearing a trendy, retro woolen sweater from… Åsnes. (Get it? Åsne’s jumper is from Åsnes? HAHAHAHA.) 

Ho Ho Ho? We Think So.


Our merry bunch of Santa’s helpers have some great Christmas jumpers on show. We’re not sure which pattern is best: the reindeers, the snowflakes, maybe even the little hearts. One thing’s for sure – this photo is SERIOUSLY festive. We’ve got the urge to put on some Christmas tunes, and that’s OKAY because it’s 1st November. Sing it Mariah…