Fashion aficionado Eivind tries to kickstart a school-shirt-and-knit trend this winter. By the looks of things, he’s also into two colour hair combos – dark on bottom, white on top. Or are the blonde highlights actually a cat sitting on his head, just out of shot..? It would explain the smile, and the warm sensation of cat wee going down his back.


Virtual Knit.


Scandi Knits innovator and general pooh-bah Tomek is wearing a classic Norwegian knit (is there a better kind?) while trying out the questionable pleasures of a Chinese head massaging helmet. Based on his smile, you might conclude he’s having a good time. You’d be WRONG. Unless you enjoy wearing a heavy piece of plastic that whacks your scalp around like it’s a brick in a washing machine, avoid this contraption like the plague. Don’t avoid the jumper though. It’s amazing.