Seen Around The Office #1.

Friday 13th was a rrrrather big day for the ol’ Christmas jumper. What with Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day and plenty of stonking hangovers from getting too drunk with Tina from finance at the Christmas party the night before, people right around the country were keen to put on a festive knit and wash away their sins. First up is a tour around the office of one leading company in London that does… corporate things? Oh we don’t know, we’re just jumper enthusiasts after all. 







Fashion aficionado Eivind tries to kickstart a school-shirt-and-knit trend this winter. By the looks of things, he’s also into two colour hair combos – dark on bottom, white on top. Or are the blonde highlights actually a cat sitting on his head, just out of shot..? It would explain the smile, and the warm sensation of cat wee going down his back.

Sock It To Ya.


Sometimes knitted wear isn’t just about putting on an amazing jumper and walking into a room like a bull on caffeine. Sometimes it’s about other things, like socks. Because knitted socks are AMAZING. In the photo above, Tine from Tromsø is showing off her selbusokker (translation: self-knitted socks). Tine – your feet look beyond cosy.

Christmas Jumpers Grow On Trees.


Hold that festive phone – garden/homeware conglomerate B&Q is selling Christmas jumpers… as CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS! Could ANYTHING in this world be sweeter?! This has made those grey clouds outside appear that little bit brighter; it’s made our Tesco sandwich taste that little bit better; it’s made the depressing crush of our tedious lives that little bit lighter. Thanks B&Q, you might just have saved Christmas.

Men Holding Things #3.


In the third and final installment of our Men Holding Things series, recently engaged Sean has a cosmo in his hand, ready to toast the future. We’re looking forward to the wedding Sean, now here’s some marital advice: continue to wear awesome jumpers, nothing says ‘sorry’ like chicken kiev and chips, don’t drink pink cosmos if you want to appear sexy and rugged in front of your wife. 

Norway: A Country Defined.


Could anything be more Norwegian? There’s two knits on show in this snapshot of Bøgrend Autofest, allegedly the “best festival in Norway.” The debonair boy in turquoise hat is wearing a setesdalskufte” (bless you). On his right, Scandi Knits regular Åsne is wearing a trendy, retro woolen sweater from… Åsnes. (Get it? Åsne’s jumper is from Åsnes? HAHAHAHA.)