Knits We’ve Seen #2.


Our correspondent for Russian jumpers spotted this contemporary knit in the Tsvetnoy shopping centre in Moscow. See? Russians don’t just beat up gays. They also look great while doing it! And in case you were wondering, Scandi Knits in Russian is скандинавские свитеры. You weren’t? OK neither were we.


How To Be A Good Knit.


This, our festive friends, is a celebration of life and knit. Everything in this photo is wonderful, especially our heroine Emma, who is very awkwardly kneeling on the floor while everyone else stands. Reasons? We can’t be sure. It’s tough to pick a favourite among these knits (even the rug is kind of Christmassy) but if we had to… we’d say Mr Penguin gets 1st Prize. We feel sorry for the lady at the back in green antlers. Talk about getting the cold shoulder.