Seen Around The Office #1.

Friday 13th was a rrrrather big day for the ol’ Christmas jumper. What with Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day and plenty of stonking hangovers from getting too drunk with Tina from finance at the Christmas party the night before, people right around the country were keen to put on a festive knit and wash away their sins. First up is a tour around the office of one leading company in London that does… corporate things? Oh we don’t know, we’re just jumper enthusiasts after all. 





Horsing Around.



Sensual Eastern European beauty Alicja wears an aggressively festive Christmas jumper in this shocking horse-and-reveal. Who would have thought that behind such a hideous equestrian mask would be a face that could unknit a million jumpers with a single look? Not us. Wherever Alicja is going on this train ride to surrealism, we hope she continues to look as Christmassy as she does. Well done.

Thumbs Up To Knits.

photo (4)

We’re not sure where the knits begin and end in this bundle of familial woolen warmth. Does this trio have three separate jumpers on or are they all slotted into one giant multi-limbed knit? Who knows. And we’re not sure why the baby on the left is so surprised. Perhaps it’s his first “thumbs up” moment? Or maybe he’d never seen flash photography before? Or maybe it was the realisation he was going to be immortalised on a blog about fashionable festive knitwear. That’s probably it. 

Men Holding Things #2.


In the second of our Men Holding Things series, Ben looks to the camera dreamily, as if to say: “…fancy a cuppa?” Based on his monochrome beauty of a knitted jumper, we’d love to sit down and sip on a brew with him. Maybe he could tell us things like where he got it from, or how it feels on his skin, or whether drinking that tea is making him feel hot in it. Maybe he’d think we were a little weird.