Seen Around The Office #1.

Friday 13th was a rrrrather big day for the ol’ Christmas jumper. What with Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day and plenty of stonking hangovers from getting too drunk with Tina from finance at the Christmas party the night before, people right around the country were keen to put on a festive knit and wash away their sins. First up is a tour around the office of one leading company in London that does… corporate things? Oh we don’t know, we’re just jumper enthusiasts after all. 







Fashion aficionado Eivind tries to kickstart a school-shirt-and-knit trend this winter. By the looks of things, he’s also into two colour hair combos – dark on bottom, white on top. Or are the blonde highlights actually a cat sitting on his head, just out of shot..? It would explain the smile, and the warm sensation of cat wee going down his back.

Virtual Knit.


Scandi Knits innovator and general pooh-bah Tomek is wearing a classic Norwegian knit (is there a better kind?) while trying out the questionable pleasures of a Chinese head massaging helmet. Based on his smile, you might conclude he’s having a good time. You’d be WRONG. Unless you enjoy wearing a heavy piece of plastic that whacks your scalp around like it’s a brick in a washing machine, avoid this contraption like the plague. Don’t avoid the jumper though. It’s amazing.

Poor Random Man.


Modelling today’s jumper is a random man in a shopping mall. Yes, Scandi Knits now chases down people in the street, such is the extent of our rabid love for festive clothing. This chap (we didn’t ask his name, he looked really scared) is sporting an insanely Christmassy jumper from New Look as he looks on at his friends and slowly mouths the words: H-E-L-P  M-E.