Retro Knick.


Swanning in front of the camera like he’s on his way to the chips ‘n’ dips bowl at a Christmas cocktail party, Nick is showing off a jazzy 80s jumper against a perfect egg white wall. Fancy taking a closer look at the knit? Let’s zoom in.


Our close-up analysis reveals a tight and thorough knit complete with squiggles, lines, arrows, crosses, colours, pinks, purples and even more squiggles. This is catalogue quality stuff that was probably wrestled off an older relative. We’re glad you won Nick, now go and enjoy those Doritos babe.


Sugar And Spice.


Look at little Bella, all rosy cheeked and terribly excited about Father Christmas being on his way! With a face like hers, there’s bound to be presents under the tree come Christmas Morning. Bella’s really getting into the festive swing of things with a knitted hat from Garson’s Farm Shop in a place called “Esher.” Where is this mythical land? We don’t know. But they knit one damn fine Christmas hat, we tell you. 

Work It, You’re A Tiger.

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Young Jake is modeling a kid’s Christmas jumper from George in a variety of Vogue poses that really accentuate his angles. Smizing throughout, Jake’s dramatic camera presence helps bring out the vivaciousness of his festive knit, which will surely be top of many Christmas lists come December. Remember to eat your peas kids and maybe – just maybe – there will be a Scandi Knit under the tree this year.

Proud Mary.


How cute?! A chic grey knitted jumper!!! The baby’s alright too. ONLY JOKING. Mary is the sweetest thing… a kid in a knit? Two worlds of cuteness colliding. The only thing that could make this photo cuter was if there were some otters holdings hands in the background. Maybe next time.

Sock It To Ya.


Sometimes knitted wear isn’t just about putting on an amazing jumper and walking into a room like a bull on caffeine. Sometimes it’s about other things, like socks. Because knitted socks are AMAZING. In the photo above, Tine from Tromsø is showing off her selbusokker (translation: self-knitted socks). Tine – your feet look beyond cosy.

How To Be A Good Knit.


This, our festive friends, is a celebration of life and knit. Everything in this photo is wonderful, especially our heroine Emma, who is very awkwardly kneeling on the floor while everyone else stands. Reasons? We can’t be sure. It’s tough to pick a favourite among these knits (even the rug is kind of Christmassy) but if we had to… we’d say Mr Penguin gets 1st Prize. We feel sorry for the lady at the back in green antlers. Talk about getting the cold shoulder.